Mission statement

Providing Customers with a Reliable Partner

Our services are based around the goal of bringing good medical devices to Japanese Market Environment as quickly as possible. In line with this philosophy, we execute each service with a focus on the customer’s ultimate aim, even if our work represents only a fraction of their project. Japan MDC is not a large company but all our staffs have background experiences in clinical, engineering and/or chemical field.; each team communicates closely, and we are committed to making projects the best they can be through mutual discussion that incorporates the viewpoints of experts in marketing, regulatory, technical and clinical fields.

Our Mission

We aim to act as a facilitator of sincerity to our customers, enabling advanced medical technologies to be brought to Japanese Market Environment as quickly as possible by using the most appropriate and effective methods without compromise. Japan currently faces serious concerns related to the aging of its society. With this background in mind, we focus on therapeutic and diagnostic devices for Cancer Environment and Lifestyle-related Diseases Environment.

Our Values

Step into your shoes

There are in a general way problems with the consultation offices, either because of language barriers or because they may not deal with people very kindly.
We provide empathetic services to our customers.

Work in Teams

Our teams work quickly to support the business of customers and work together to generate the best way and decision.

  • Think and act strategically on global and local
  • Think and act always better than now
  • Be fast and flexible

Ensure Quality with the Best of Intentions

Quality of our service is a cornerstone of all of our activities. We seek the highest quality information, decisions and people.
We provide high quality services. We know that high quality is generated by all of our activities with the best of intentions.

  • Recognize the implementation of strategic innovation and creative thinking
  • Make ardent efforts to meet expectation of customers
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