Your inquiry and Consultancy fees

Thank you for your interest in Japan MDC !
Our consultation fee is as follow.

"Business Unit" based Consultation Services Fee

Business Unit based Services fee will basically be applied to Consultation Services other than project based under the following conditions.

Note: The above "Business Unit" based Consultation Services Fee are calculated including; Answering a question, Correspondence, Meeting, Conference call, Research, Preparation material, Communication with the customer or a third party, and Traveling time from our office needed for above services.

  • "Business Unit" based Consultation Services Fee: JPY20,000-/Business Unit + Tax
  • One "Business Unit" is within the range of 0 minutes to 30 minutes.
    For example, if we have been completed in 10 minutes after from our services starts, we will charge you JPY20,000- + Tax as 1 Unit-time.If we have been completed in 45 minutes after our services starts, we will charge JPY40,000- + Tax as 2 Unit-times.
  • The above do Not include followings.
    *Fees/costs to perform additional Services.
    *Costs for translation, if necessary.
    *Fees/costs for travel expenses.

Project based Fee

In principle, the following projects will also be billed in the above "Business Units".
However depending on your company's business structure,the following services are estimated by project-based. Meetings for estimates including face to face interviews, e-mails, telephone conferences, etc. will be charged by the above "Business Unit" based Consultation Services Fee.

  • Establishing strategy for registration
  • Preparation of application documents
  • Product registration related services
  • Clinical trial management
  • Consulting and support for GCP inspection
  • Business license related services
  • Feasibility regulatory research for regulatory due diligence
  • Research and development support

Thank you for your understanding.

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